Episode 3: Currency Opinions and Perspectives

I feel like I need to preface this post with a sort of notice, warning, disclaimer if you will. Needless to say I am having all the feels watching this series.  Some of them are positive, like seeing Henza and some footage from after the murder last episode in which I remember who was there […]

The Anarchists: Extra Perspective and Insights About Community Dynamics

I have a bit more perspective to share on my experience with all the experiences I had in my time in that community in Acapulco. I realize now I need to start taking notes while watching for the things that stand out to me because as I see these things visually in front of me […]

Episode 2: Forking Freedom, Opinions and Perspective

I’ve just finished watching the second episode of the HBO series The Anarchists. The first thing I want to say is not about the episode itself but actually about the response from certain aspects of the anarchist community (mostly not ancaps).  They’re convinced of sinister things with the makers and have been even giving some […]

Episode One: The Movement Thoughts and Perspective

I just finished watching the first episode of The Anarchists, the aformentioned in this blog series that chronicles how I came to Mexico to live within the Anarchapulco community in Acapulco, Mexico back in 2016.   My first impression is that Im surprised that HBO let this be released, this absolute ode to society on […]

HBO’s The Anarchists is coming, and Im not ready.

So what happens when you overshare your deepest traumas and later deepest triumphs in front of a camera for 6 years of your life? Well it ends up on HBO of course.  Well, not of course. When I started filming with Todd Schramke and Kim Kylland I had no idea where this film would go. […]

Crochet Business Update

Note: This is originally adapted from a Facebook post I made a week or so ago in regards to a big change I made in my crochet business model. Since Im making this website my new means of accepting orders, I figured it was important to share this here, too. I am here to share […]

A Year of Metamorphosis: Silks, Teeth Jobs and Crochet

I almost laugh to myself because about a year ago I overhauled this site, made it all pretty then was too distracted working for other people’s projects while trying to build my own crochet business. The reality is after the murder I basically had to beg for jobs to have money to survive. To those […]

Highly Functional Growth is CHANGING.


Hi, guys. It’s been awhile and things are changing. There is no doubt that 2020 left much of the world rethinking how to do things, myself included. For awhile this project remained in limbo something I still crave to do with my content but not having the time or really the direction to build this […]

Journal 6: How I Nearly Knocked Myself Out on My Anniversary

This was written the very beginning of this July Yesterday was a mess. At least enough of it was to where I put off writing and posting about it until today. The morning started innocently enough. It was my first anniversary with @cabracuerno and we were excited to celebrate with my dog off in the […]

Journal: Crafts, Tacos and Hammocks

*Photo Caption: Close up of my breakfast. Taco meat, avocado, red onion and home made tortilla chips fried in beef fat The last few days have been a bit rough. Since the drama more or less I’ve been either hard to motivate or making little mistakes. Today I made a trip to town for a […]