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Hi! If you’ve found yourself on this page its because you’re interested in ordering one of your very own custom crochet creations by Lily Forester. 

If you are looking for ideas, follow this link to the crochet portfolio I have made on this website!

Things to consider about the process:

First, something to consider.  Because I live in Mexico, shipping is the biggest hurdle in getting things to the US.  I have a reliable international shipper, just know its minimum 25 USD for shipping alone for my products.  This can be made cheaper for those willing and able to cross the border, if that’s you, make a note of that in your request below!  

Another note, I have shared a post about this (here) but for any products, primarily plushies that are over 12 inches in size, its usually about 45-75 USD for shipping alone.  Again, this can be made much cheaper for those willing and able to cross the border (or have family/friends who can do so). 

If you’re still interested, here’s how to get on the list:

Fill out the form below with your ideas and contact information and I will be in touch to offer prices and discuss things like shipping and timelines.  I can take time sensitive orders so long as I am aware of the deadline.  

Once we agree on a price, I will add you to my custom order list. This list grows in the order in which these custom orders are taken in, save for those with specific deadline. Usually it takes 6 weeks or less from when you are added to the custom list, generally much faster than that.

When it is time for me to start the project, I will contact you for payment.  I accept payment before starting so I can purchase materials and cover shipping. I try not to accept payment when accepting order except under special circumstances, if you insist on paying when you order that is fine just know there will likely be a wait time unless otherwise specified. 

Once I take payment it will take usually between 1 week and one month depending on the difficulty of the project, with some exceptions.  Any exceptions will have a clear timeline laid out and regular communication if for some reason I am not able to do it in the specified time, which is rare. 

A Note About Payment:

If you need to pay with PayPal, the total will be a few dollars higher usually to account for PayPal fees. For the price to be the exact same as the original quote I advise you purchase crypto and send that. If you don’t know how, I offer some free consulting for customers to help them learn the process for those excited and willing to learn how.

Crochet Custom Order

Crochet Custom Order

Preferred Payment
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