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“Luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunity”

This is something I’ve lived by for the last 8 years of my life as I transitioned from a sheep who went to college to a multi-skilled agorist on her own schedule. I went to college and quickly became frustrated over the propaganda that one must choose one specialty to dedicate their lives to. The problem I faced was I wanted to do many things and the idea of committing to one thing no matter how much I liked it was nauseating at best.

In the last 8 years I’ve built up many skills that I’ve used to support myself and I’ve doubled down on those efforts since the murder of John Galton. It’s been a struggle, but I’ve managed to survive so far.  When the murder happened I had to start over with nearly everything, only my skills remaining.

My dreams are big and require money to make them happen so it is time I move beyond simply surviving and really ramp up the hustle to make more money. This means I need to reach out to my network, that’s you, for help.

I’m looking for remote freelance work online, preferably paying in crypto but I can accept PayPal too. If you’re hiring or know someone who is, contact me. It doesn’t matter if it’s short term or long term work, I’m generally down for anything so long as it keeps me busy and fed.

If you know of reliable ways to make money online as a freelancer, please share what you know. I’m looking for jobs and creative ideas for making money online, if you have them!

Some of my skills are:


editing and proofreading


crochet (you can order custom pieces from me!)

quilting (order a custom quilt today! Contact me!)


glassblowing (still raising money for this, but will be taking orders in the future unless a miracle happens)

carnivore diet consulting

photography/photo editing

graphic design/logo design

web design

There’s more but these are the easiest things to do from afar because I recognize most of my network is worldwide. My lifestyle has led me to a point where I have a wide range of interests that make me incredibly flexible for making money. I’m not reliant on one thing and that gives me strength. As an autodidact, I can pick up new skills quickly which makes be better suited to this lifestyle. If you have a job you need done that’s not on that list, contact me, chances are I can help!

Currently I live job to job, hustle to hustle the only steady income being from SmartCash which covers most of my basic expenses but no where near all. I’m to a point where I’m ready to just stop surviving and start thriving.

A special thank you to those who have helped me survive until this point.

I think often that I would be literally screwed without you guys and your support. To those who reach out to ask how I am doing, thank you too. At this point, my biggest concern is money and I’m ready to work for it if you’ve got jobs! Of course I am still accepting donations for things like therapy and getting glass to start glassblowing again, but am doing my best to raise these funds on my own working.

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