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Looking for help with building and designing your very own WordPress website?

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Super basic builds start at 250 USD and includes hosting, basic software and theme, my labor to build the system and training on how to use it as well as the build itself. 

Prices from there go up and can vary widely based on how complex your system needs to be. If there’s a need, there’s a way to make it happen with WordPress in my experience with everything from community generated calendar systems to self hosted forums and much more. 

I also offer monthly rates for maintenance of these systems for those who don’t want to have to worry about that, these rates depend on what will be needed each month. 

Should something change within your WordPress site overtime (which is bound to happen with the way technology changes each year) I offer services for troubleshooting and fixing these problems as they arise.

I can also be hired to troubleshoot and/or overhaul existing WordPress systems!

I am at your service!

What can you use a WordPress website for?

Well considering WordPress powers about 40 percent of the websites currently on the internet, quite a lot including:


Podcast Home

Web Store

Print on demand stores

Websites for events

and way more than that.

You can use your website to sell exclusive content that you create, to promote a business or service you have or just to share your experiences or podcast!

Along with website design I offer logo design, brand kit creation and graphics made by me to help enhance your website.

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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design