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Highly Functional Growth, Explained

Highly Functional Growth is a project that has been in the works long before John was murdered. We wanted our own platform to share what we were sharing on Steemit in a much more organized manner so people could actually access things like our story or old recipes. We also intended for it to be a marketplace to sell my glass and other things we or our friends produce. Before he died this project didn’t have a name but I was learning web design by doing the Anarchaforko website basically in preparation for this.

Highly functional as a concept for me goes back to when John and I started dating, about 8 years ago. When I met John I was of the understanding that most stoners were lazy and unmotivated including myself, but my experiences with him alone totally shattered that belief. For me it’s multifaceted because I’ve grown to become a highly functional cannabis consumer often times creating highly functional things with my time be they glass blown works of art or cannabis or food. I wasn’t always this way, John taught me what it meant to be a highly functional person, with or without the cannabis.

We have always rejected the “dumb stoner” mentality. We have also always had a desire to produce things that are highly functional, often meaning it has more than one use while also looking good. Quality matters, life is too short to smoke shitty weed or eat crappy food. Much has changed since his death, this has not.

If there’s one thing you will never hear me say its “Sorry, that was stupid it’s cause I’m stoned”. I never once heard John say that in the entire time I knew him and I never expected to hear it. I choose not to blame a plant for my mindless mistakes. I instead choose to try and grow from them and learn which is where the growth bit comes into play.

Highly functional growth is a lifestyle. I’m a work in progress, just like everyone else. I just happen to be high on cannabis most of the time.

This is a blog, an index of my past posts, a store and much more as time progresses it will change. I have no interest in being an expert or a guru, but someone who is in constant growth sharing the experiences of a unique and diverse lifestyle being lived in beautiful Mexico. Thank you for joining me!


About Lily Da Vine

In many ways, Lily is a rebirth of me that was born when I really committed myself to this agorist freedom obsessed lifestyle I’ve led for the last 8 years of my life. In many ways I shed not only my name but the old, weaker person I used to be back in Oregon which is when I first started using the name Lily. It was a whim, the first name I came up with. One thing I didn’t really think out about going on the run was who I would become after and I’m not just referring to a fake name.

I’ve lived in Mexico for three years on the run for cannabis crimes and despite the recent tragedy I still consider Acapulco home. My first three years were spent with my life partner who many know as John Galton, sadly murdered just before our 3 year anniversary of being in Mexico. I’ve told my story of what happened that day with Thaddeus Russell for those curious because it’s truly a long story, you can find that here.

For more than two years I have been blogging my adventures with my partner on Steemit but have since lost everything in that event including access to my Steemit account, @lily-da-vine. We shared everything from that evening’s sunset to the story of how we got here in the first place, all with the intent of being condensed into a book about us. The book is in the works, in his memory.

I have many skills mostly due to the fact that I get bored extremely quickly. I’ve learned to embrace my short attention span and instead use it to lead a diverse life and when left to my devices I have been known to switch from task to task every 20 minutes or so keeping busy throughout the day and am often learning new things.

I’ve been doing my best to live both stateless and bank-less which has proved difficult as I’ve faced things like the government as obstacles in my non-aggressive agorist lifestyle (google agorism if you’re unfamiliar). I not only have a lot of skills (many of them illegal by nature) but I put them into action for money to support myself and I’m proud of that fact.

I’ve lived off crypto-currency nearly exclusively since 2014 and have been involved with Bitcoin thanks to John since 2012 so I have both a lot of love and appreciation for it. Before Bitcoin the things I was learning about free markets and agorism hadn’t hit home because I could tell that we weren’t living in a world with free markets. I watched so much happen in the Bitcoin space which is now much bigger than just Bitcoin that it gave me an understanding of how markets are really supposed to work. Bitcoin inspired us both and in many ways is responsible for the lifestyle we’ve lived.

I’m an artist with a love for functional art, that is art that also has a purpose. Highly functional describes my process perfectly because of both my love for cannabis and functional art. Everyone likes to produce something that looks nice, but I get much happier when I produce something that’s nice and has a purpose. This is why I gravitate towards glassblowing, crochet, cooking and writing. I like drawing and more traditional types of art but have a hard time focusing on that stuff at this point in my life unless it serves a purpose, like creating the shape for the Chachalaca logo featured on this website.

I’ve recently been described as “strong and “inspiring” because of what I’ve been through but really I’m just a work in progress, a human in growth. I lost a lot in what happened that day because of mistakes I made, all I can do now is try to learn from them, grow as a person and move on.

To give credit where it’s due, I think I remain strong for two reasons: the carnivore diet and the close circle of friends I’ve managed to establish that have been helping me to get through this. I hate to be the person that says “this diet saved my life” but I honestly believe that if this had happened when I was still sick, I would not have been able to survive it emotionally speaking as I was already borderline suicidal when I was sick. This way of eating has allowed me to stay physically and mentally strong and I’m lucky to have a few select good people in my life for those moments where I feel really weak and alone.

This blog is my attempt to grow and move on.

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