Episode One: The Movement Thoughts and Perspective

I just finished watching the first episode of The Anarchists, the aformentioned in this blog series that chronicles how I came to Mexico to live within the Anarchapulco community in Acapulco, Mexico back in 2016.  

My first impression is that Im surprised that HBO let this be released, this absolute ode to society on the fringes.  A story of a fringe group within a fringe group within a fringe group if I’m being real. It’s more or less factual to what I experienced back during those times.  

2016 was an intense year for me.  I was in a country where I didnt speak the language, with no money to speak of yet we found refuge in that little community despite the conflict that we experienced almost immediately. 

In regards to that conflict its worth mentioning that while I did agree with those early critical Facebook posts about the conference, it wasn’t me posting them or doing the arguing with the Freemans that caused the cold war that started it all.  I didn’t stop John, but I also wasn’t happy to be making enemies of what was at the time the current centerpiece of the community. 

I will forever be grateful to Gustavo and Amparo, for their way of introducing us to the series because if we did nothing else during our time there, we tried to assimilate into the culture as much as possible.  We knew the phrase “La cuenta” because of a different restaurant owner named Gustavo, who took a liking to us.  All three of these people remain my friend to this day albeit distantly now that I no longer live in Acapulco. 

My first impressions of seeing that first interview that we did with Todd Schramke back in what I think was the end of 2016 is how dead I looked in the eyes.  I feel sad for my former self, although Im sure more details will be revealed later in the series as to why.  What I remember most about that day before the interview was a big fight with John, as was our custom. I only remember one point from that argument before Todd showed up at our house and that was to shut up and let him talk so I didn’t make us sound like a couple of dumb hippies.

John was an incredibly difficult person to live with. He embodied the phrase “Hurt people hurt people” emotionally speaking anyways. But for as difficult as he was, I tolerated it and ended up in that situation with him because of my own bad choices, of which I made many.  

I can’t help but acknowledge the fact though, despite that, because without him and all the mistakes we made together, I would not be where I am today, and that is evident by the scenes of me from my final interview we did last fall. I know now who I am, what I am willing to tolerate and what love shouldn’t look like.  

Now when I say I would not be where I am today without the happenings of that relationship I mean that literally.  I have wanted to leave the country since I was a little kid but Im not sure I’d ever have actually done it, certainly not under the unique circumstances that I did without the driving force that was John.  And had I not done that I would not have found the happiness I now have here today.  I have an amazing home, pets, friends and the relationship I always dreamed of. Turns out I just had to make a few dozen big mistakes to get there. 

In my final interviews, I look strong, clear headed and happy in those last interviews because I am.  I guess there’s truth to the fact that you have to see and understand true darkness to understand and respect the light when it comes into your life. To fully be able to love and be loved when a good relationship finally presents itself……for that a thank you to my love Cabra Cuerno, who has taught me more than I expected to know about that in a short time. 

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.  My main thoughts are that I am proud of the job that Todd Schramke and Kim Kylland have so far done in telling this crazy twisted tale. I know its only going to get more intense and crazy from here, take it from me. I plan to write something like this about every episode, just after the finishing of viewing. 

I can already tell there will likely be things said by other people that I simply don’t agree with. Things that just don’t resonate with what I feel I experienced during those days. That is part of the purpose of me writing this series, so I can address those things one at a time and my true thoughts on them, unedited for those who may find it interesting. 

For those just tuning into my crazy life story, thank you for taking the time to check further into this. Let me know in the comments if you have questions on the things you saw and I will do my best to answer them. 

18 thoughts on “Episode One: The Movement Thoughts and Perspective”

  1. I commend you for your journeys and respect you fully. This story is very important and needed to be told. No lies just truth. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It was interesting to see you before all this growth. I vaguely remember you before, even though we were connected on FB from 2016ish. Reading what you wrote about John adds perspective. He comes across a little bit cocky in the video, a sort of air about him. Not overwhelmingly so. I personally probably would not have gotten along with him as well as you did but he seems tolerable from a distance. Anyway, I am amazed at how far you have come and more over going from a primarily vegan lifestyle to a carnivore has done for you. It is an astounding transition as well if I do say so myself.

    1. Well to be clear we very RARELY got along. Generally only when there was someone else to focus his negative energy on then me. A mutual enemy if you will.

  3. Thanks for posting this. It’s huge that you made it out of your shell and grew into who you are. In my own way, alongside you, I experienced my own descent into a relationship where I was not allowed to be me, but I found my way out of it too, and am here stronger and happier than ever. I am glad you shared that he did things for you and spoke for you because this makes me feel like I get to see more of the real friend Lily I know, and be set right on what was John and his voice and not your own.
    I do think…John poisoned your thoughts in ways just like my ex did me, as in his influence affected and tainted my true self when with him.
    Also Lily, remember, after all is said and done and all you told me… I definitely do not hold anything whatsoever “against you” in any way, …nor have I ever, honestly.

  4. I enjoyed most of the first episode and look forward to the rest.

    I totally resonate with the idea that it’s through the trials we become strong. My journey to be who I am today was forged through dozens of mistakes as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, look forward to the rest.

  5. Hi from 🇨🇦!
    I binged watched the 1st 3 parts of the doc and really wanted to find out more about you & how you’re doing, then I found this!
    The first thing I want to say is how utterly impressed I am with your ethics, convictions, resourcefulness, drive and courage…you seriously ROCK sista!
    I turned to my partner and said, Lily is the exact kinda chick I’d be friends with, funny, droll, intelligent & straight up no bullshit.
    I kept wondering WHAT exactly John was doing all day… like he didn’t seem to help you at all when it came to earning cash/crypto to live on.
    You mention pimping YOUR skills, cooking, glassblowing, blogging on Steemit (“John really encouraged me to post more”), ANYTHING to survive but there wasn’t a single mention of what HE did to pimp HIS skills….
    Now, I truly get having to support a partner because I did exactly that for 5 years and it sucked. I wanted a partner, not a dependent.

    I am so very proud of how you created the life you have now & hope hope hope the doc will help with the shitty and unfair legal issues in the US.
    Girl, you’ve lived through so much, you WILL get through that & I’m sure many people, myself included, will help with whatever you need.

    Sending Love & Light,

    Christina Z.

    1. If I’m being honest, John would have very limited bursts of working, usually a few hours over the month. The rest of the time was spent watching youtube videos about obscure subjects like thorium nuclear ect. The other time was spent being mad at me or other people he felt were holding him back from being able to get things done. If it wasn’t me ruining his life, it was the freemans, or Paul…so on and so forth. He did heavily edit my steemit posts to make sure he came out looking good too. There were a few times I was a little too honest with the drafts which would promptly lead to some sort of intense drama with us.

      His skills if Im being honest consisted of coming up with ideas and badly growing weed and driving around the city. He did do most of the driving but that was because he enjoyed that. But we never had a single successful grow any of the times we tried. LOL

      anyway thank you for these kind words. The one big thing I got out of that situation was what NOT to tolerate. A partnership is supposed to be exactly that, a partnership. Not one person does everything until they’re literally sick and dying from the stress while the other person gets mad at everything and everyone LOL.

  6. Hi Lilly, why were you abandoning a puppy in the middle of nowhere when the police stopped you? that’s disgraceful

    1. What in the hell are you talking about? If you’re talking about the dog I had when i was arrested, he was sent with a family member who sold him against my wishes. But thanks for the assumption there.

  7. Just finished watching The Anarchists. Your story is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing it through the show and your blog.

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