Journal 3: Typical Day of the Autistic Agorist

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*Photo Caption: Another 10 pesos plant I bought because of the flowers

The Day in the Life of the Autistic Agorist

Today was calmer than the days previous. It was a simple day involving work, food, and some shopping.

I life out in rural Mexico. For those unfamiliar with Mexico as a whole, the majority of it is rural small towns in beautiful areas. These places are cheap but often lack the abundance of bars, restaurants and hotels that swarm places like Acapulco, where I used to call home.

Autistic Agorist….Introvert?

After leaving Acapulco I moved to another city for a few months. While there I realized that I didn’t actually need the luxuries of a city. By nature I am an extreme introvert. I live with my partner yet I spend much of my days alone by choice. Working on freelance gigs, crafting or sometimes improving my space like today.

A Green Outlet

I have a small garden space where I live and I have been taking advantage, basically collecting any weird looking cheap plants I can come across. Usually 10 pesos for a succulent. The most I’ve paid recently is 40 pesos for a large aloe plant, a bit of a rip off considering I can find them all over wild but I like to support agorists sometimes just because.
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*Photo Caption: Some old typewriters in the space I’m renting

The Simple Things

My life in many ways is much simpler now but way more full. Today I moved my hammock I purchased in Acapulco in February inside my house. I bought this hammock with my Dad, who got himself a smaller one. I’d put off doing it for months and now regret it because it is the perfect lounge area right next to my craft corner where I do my sewing and store everything craft related.

Environment Outside Affects Environment Inside

At this point the majority of my belongings are tools, or materials for making things which is kind of a cool place to be. I’ve also put a lot of effort into making my space pretty because recently I have seen the value of having a well flowing pretty space. It really does up productivity and its something I gave up on years ago.

My Autistic Agorist Days

So I live nestled in the country side. My mornings are productive, spent working usually on jobs. I do literally as many freelance jobs as I can get, for all sorts of things. The stuff I do most is writing, podcast editing, transcription and content editing. Beyond that I have been building my own lifestyle blog, Highly Functional Growth.

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*Photo Caption: My hammock now hanging inside my studio

A Life Like No Other

I realize I live an extremely unique lifestyle. Anyone who gets close enough to me always asks for more information on how I make my lifestyle possible. Like how did I get to a point where I’m supporting myself doing only the things I love? In some ways I didn’t even necessarily expect things to happen quite like this myself.

Rural Areas For the Win

A big part of why my lifestyle is possible is because rural Mexico is very cheap. So I don’t have to make very much at all to cover my living expenses (including food and weed) leaving a little left to save. Before this I was barely surviving and sometimes borrowing money living in the city. And granted I could have found cheaper places in the city. I’m just not sure they’d be as charming as where I live now.

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*Photo Caption: I saw this on a hike and identified with it. Growth from a dying stump

So it goes as an Autistic Agorist…

So mornings I work, afternoons sometimes I shop. Sometimes I craft. Sometimes I do nothing at all. Other days we hike a mountain. Or archery. Or painting. Or cleaning…..

Especially the last 6 months I’ve really began to embrace my nature. For one I get bored quickly. Most people don’t know that but if I’m doing one task for more than 30 minutes, unless its REALLY fun I’m generally bored and thinking of my next task. I’ve tried to control it. I can’t. So I harness it.

Take that ADHD by the BALLS!

Getting bored of writing? Okay time for some crafts. Done sewing? Let’s do some web design. Stuck? Okay how about a transcription job. And so on. And so forth.

And I’ll switch between several tasks in an hour sometimes. The most I’ll ever do one task for is a few hours and that’s if I’m either not able to or really enthralled in what I’m doing. And I’m generally not enthralled unless I have weed. It’s just harder to get there with the other stresses of life.

The Semi- Social Autistic Agorist

I also spend a decent amount of energy connecting with other humans, from afar where its comfortable. The internet is perfect for autists because it fills our desire to communicate freely within niche about special topics while keeping us physically far from the others in the interaction. We get all the time we want to respond and we don’t even have to be wearing pants during the interaction if we don’t want to LOL.

If you’ve made it this far, let me know. I am curious to hear who sees these posts because while I write them for my book, I also write them for my people to read.

Anyway, until tomorrow.

This was written a few months ago at this point but is being cross posted here to make it easier to find and share. Here’s the link to the original Peakd post if you’re interested.

Here’s the link to the last journal post.

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