Journal 6: How I Nearly Knocked Myself Out on My Anniversary

This was written the very beginning of this July Yesterday was a mess. At least enough of it was to where I put off writing and posting about it until today. The morning started innocently enough. It was my first anniversary with @cabracuerno and we were excited to celebrate with my dog off in the […]

Journal: Crafts, Tacos and Hammocks

*Photo Caption: Close up of my breakfast. Taco meat, avocado, red onion and home made tortilla chips fried in beef fat The last few days have been a bit rough. Since the drama more or less I’ve been either hard to motivate or making little mistakes. Today I made a trip to town for a […]

Journal 3: Typical Day of the Autistic Agorist

*Photo Caption: Another 10 pesos plant I bought because of the flowers The Day in the Life of the Autistic Agorist Today was calmer than the days previous. It was a simple day involving work, food, and some shopping. I life out in rural Mexico. For those unfamiliar with Mexico as a whole, the majority […]