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I started my blogging career on Steemit over 3 years ago at this point. It was my way to support myself while telling my story.

After the murder, I lost access to my account @lily-da-vine because the police stole everything from me, including my computers and hard drives which held my master key.

About a year ago I tried to restart on Steemit as @highlyfunctional and was immediately discouraged as a new user. Recently working with The Homestead Guru I got involved again to find that Steemit was hostily taken over.

Its a long story I’m not interested in getting into here. What matters to me is the community took all the good parts of Steemit and left the bad by forking to the Hive Blockchain. was basically just a portal to the Steem blockchain. Peakd is the same to Hive and the service I use. It has so many more features than Steemit including the ability to schedule posts and backup accounts in case you lose your key.

Anyone who had a Steemit account a year ago has a hive account, they just need to login with the master key from their Steemit with account username. It’s fairly simple.

Anyway, here are some of my recent posts there as @highlyfunctional.

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