Adventures Around Mexico: Sneak Peek to Mexican Travel Adventures

Over the last year I’ve seen a lot of Mexico although I’ve kept the majority of my adventures to myself mostly out of paranoia, until now. My legal situation is still delicate but I’m finally formulating a solution for that and am thus starting to finally feel inspired to share my content I’ve been compiling for over a year.

Acapulco Beach at Sunset

For me the fun in Mexico really began when I got out of Acapulco and started to experience more of the country. Limited budget plus legal situation has made it so I haven’t traveled as much as I have wanted but I have managed to go to some pretty interesting places worth sharing. Here I’ll share a little blurb about each. Stay tuned for in depth posts on these places with lots of photos and some videos. I’ve been capturing everything just like I used to, I just wait to share it now until awhile after being there.

Day of the Dead altar in Morelia


I went to Morelia at the suggestion of a close friend. The city at first glance (in the center anyway) is spectacular with beautiful Spanish architecture. The people are super nice and there’s usually musicians all over the place playing music for the hope of pesos. Outside of the city it’s more or less just higher class Mexico with big malls and condominiums. Lots of higher class shopping with higher quality (and more expensive) products. Morelia has a totally different climate from Acapulco and is considered a place with “perpetual fall” weather. I was there in the summertime and it was never very hot at all and I loved it for that reason. It’s hoodie season all year. For foodies or those interested in modern amenities, Morelia is great while still being somewhat affordable. Fun city for those who like the nightlife and bars.

SO many people for Dia de los Muertos in Patzcuaro


This is known as the Dia de los Muertos capital of Mexico. I also went to Tzintzuntzan and Isla de Janitzio which are more or less right there. This is where people flock to celebrate their dead loved ones and where I went last fall to celebrate Dia de los Muertos with my loved ones. It was a magical experience although a little too much with all the people around. There was tons of shopping as Michoacan is more or less the crafts capital of Mexico. Overall I would say I love visiting those areas but living there could get a little old as they’re places primarily geared towards tourism.

Butterflies getting some water up in the mountains of Mexico

Ocampo, Michoacan

This is where I went to El Rosario Monarch Sanctuary last December. In December every year the monarchs which come from up North as far as Canada fly to the forests of Michoacan. This is just one of many sanctuaries in that area from my understanding. The monarch butterfly experience did not disappoint. You saw the butterflies upon arrival, flying around the mountainside almost in glee. Then you hiked to the top to a huge population of resting butterflies on pine trees. Easily one of the most spectacular things you can ever experience.

The coolest library I’ve ever been to, in Mexico City

Mexico City

I jokingly call this place the belly of the beast but that’s what it is. It’s the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. It’s huge and somewhat hard to comprehend even when your there because of things like the subway system. I like Mexico City for the food and the shopping, which are the reasons I went. The goal of my trip was to visit the markets and eat as much as I could and I’m proud to say I did both. We also visited Teotihuacan which is the largest pyramid in Mexico while I was there. So many posts and a few videos to share about our time in this part of the country.

Acapulco Bay


I list Acapulco because in January I returned again for 2 months. We got there early for a job but I was also making a point to really enjoy the city. So we made a point to do the tourist thing wherever possible. I took a lot of photos and video while I was there. Especially of things like the island and other adventures I had with my Dad, who was in Mexico for the first time during that time.


While in Acapulco, we ended up in Taxco, Guerrero for a day or so. It was easily one of the most magical places in Mexico I’ve ever visited. It simultaneously made me want to move there and made me want to travel the country even more. At this point I’m convinced the majority of Mexico is wonderful. I just spent too many years stuck on one city, that is Acapulco.

Of course I have plenty of photos of where I live now. I’m pretty aware that if the state is looking for me they know exactly where I am. At this point I keep my location private except to close friends. I just am not worried about attracting other people to where I live anymore. Been there, done that, lost too much for the sake of “community”. Anyway I am very much content with the Mexican community I’ve surrounded myself with.

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