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For the blogger, social media access is essential for getting content out into the world. With no social media, there is no one to read or view the content. And if there’s no one to read or view the content, what’s the point?

Today I’ll highlight all the different ways to find me on various forms of social media, both mainstream and new startups like Flote.App.

These first social media options need no explanation or introduction because they’re known by everyone. For that reason I’m just including links of those. For the privacy and freedom geared alternatives, I’ll explain how they work and why I use them for those interested in getting involved!




Highly Functional Growth Community Facebook Page



Privacy and Freedom Geared Alternatives

Flote.App: Flote is created by anarchists for anarchists. It’s meant to replace Facebook and Twitter with a censorship free option so people can continue to share without fear of being suppressed. For those speaking about raising personal freedom, this is important because Facebook does actively suppress voices of dissent. There’s monetary support built right in as well as a budding but thriving community. There’s also a mobile app!

Peakd: Peakd to the Hive Blockchain what used to be for the Steem blockchain. In fact, the hive blockchain is literally just a fork of Steemit that occurred after a hostile takeover and theft of funds on the Steemit Blockchain. Steemit always had its problems but what kept me there was the idea of the project and the community. The cool thing about hive is they took the good of Steemit, the community and left the bullshit.

For those with no experience with Steemit, it was basically a social media platform intended to promote quality content by rewarding the writers and content curators with cryptocurrency. Anyone with a Steemit account can use their master password to login to hive and access the Hive that’s there, if they want. For me I’ve just gotten reinvolved with the community but on a new account.

Keybase Keybase is more a messaging platform than social media, but some of the groups on there are way better than social media groups so there’s that. You can use social media to “prove identity” on keybase. It’s all about trying to replace identification among free people. Think of it as a non-governmental form of identification with encrypted feature rich chat. With features like exploding messages, you can talk about ANYTHING in Keybase. I am @lilydavine on Keybase.

Telegram: Telegram touts itself for security but some concerns have been raised in regards to that. However it is better than Facebook and there are some interesting communities on Telegram. A lot of my social interaction is via telegram at this point. However I will say this: I won’t put anything in a Telegram chat that I wouldn’t talk about on Facebook. Contact me for my Telegram info, I only give it out privately.

Its worth noting that no secure messaging platform is truly secure if you don’t fully trust everyone you talk to. For example there are some groups on Telegram I would treat like it’s Facebook because there’s too many unknown members. If you do have to talk about sensitive stuff, do so in private direct chats or very small group chats with only trusted parties.

I like to try and utilize all options to stay in contact with people and share my adventures. I look forward to a Facebook free future, but I am also not necessarily willing to abandon the platform all together at this point. The thing is, when you use Facebook productively, it’s not actually so toxic in life. At that point the only concern is spyware surveillance which happens if you have a smart phone, anyway.

Find me on these social media for regular updates, funny anecdotes and more. These are also good places to contact me.

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