1 Year Carnivore: Before and After

A year ago I embarked on the carnivore experiment which has now turned into my carnivore lifestyle. Pretty much everything in my life has changed, much of it bad but also quite a bit of good. While I lost most of what I worked for these last three years I gained my health and that’s…

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8 Lessons Learned In My Year as A Carnivore

A few days ago, I reached the huge milestone of being one year into my carnivore journey. In this year I’ve experimented a lot and have come up with a list of things I have learned in this adventure that has gone from just an experiment to a lifestyle choice. I went carnivore for health…

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Carnivore Diet Recipes: How to Render Your Own Beef Tallow

While the carnivore diet has become extremely trendy, most average people don’t really understand the extent of it. It’s not about just removing veggies or even grains, it’s about removing everything that isn’t meat, animal fat and salt(although some do seasonings). Often times for those who are doing this for health reasons: no spices, no…

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