Why I Am Not a Commie?

First of all, when I hear the word “communism” being uttered by the mouths of conservative saxon conspiracy theorists I feel like we relive the Cold War and its proxies like Vietnam.

“Communism” for them means Stalin, totalitarianism.

Because for them, obviously, capitalism is all about freedom and dignity.

“Communism”, in their mindset, can only be understood as the endeavour of the state to regulate everything.

But, is that what communism, as for the concept per se, stands for?

The first vision of communism actually came with the Christians. But they did not want a totalitarian state, quite the opposite. Christianity emerged as a response to the oppression of Rome in the Near East, they were basically anarchists, who despised wealth and power all together.

And their vision was that of a world ruled by love, godly love, the love of brotherhood that would unite humanity into a single flock with no disparity in power.

True equality.

Many ancaps have argued against this by saying that Christ respected private property, except that he didn’t. Up to the point where he goes to the market to vandalize and destroy its wares and goods. All because they were doing it in front of the temple.

So he condemns money and all that is tied to it.

Much, much later came Marx and his perspectives on capitalism, and those who have read Marx understand that it wasn’t him what produced the Lenins and the Stalins and the Maos of the century. The book itself is a critique to the state, in the very same stylistic fashion ancaps speak of government.

Tyrants come for free

Marx says that ultimately the goal is to create a society that no longer requires money in order to function. And Konkin speaks of this too, it is the ultimate vision of a free market economy.

And it is perfect, it sounds perfect. Up to the point where all these doctrines touch the religious.

What happens with all ideologues is that they reach an ideal in their imagination that blind them from the shortcomings of reality, they just choose not to see.

I have explained this before, it is the relationship between reality and chaos.

Reality does not serve ideologies, it does not match ideology, it serves itself and it’s relentless.

So, is not that being Marxist is inherently evil, as neither is Capitalism inherently good, because they are interpretations of the social phenomena, not truths.

Stalinism was an oppressive government, the same way was Nixon’s, or the Bushes’, or Trump’s.

The USA is an imperialist power and Mexico is its subservient and corrupt satrapy. But which is commie? Capitalist? They all use government and money to thrive, it’s all the same.

What’s a freedom fighter? A libertarian crusader? Wherever there is a state there is this enemy? The state of the world, the dynamic flux of structures of power.

I’m no commie insofar I don’t have a fixed understanding for “freedom”. I’m “free” in that way.

Freedom for me, in its primordial sense, is emptiness, and this emptiness is inherently amoral.

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  1. Interesting article. Communism looks great on paper, and it’s the definition of irony that Marx despised religion, as “religion” is then only way communism can work. Absent that, force is used, which of course is satan’s method. Jesus was the ultimate voluntaryist; He invited all to receive His spirit, but never used force, as that was contrary to His and His Father’s nature. BTW, while it’s true that the first century church in Jerusalem “had everything in common,” we don’t find that to be the case for the other churches. The church in Jerusalem had everything in common because they had to; they were shunned by their fellow Jews, who wanted nothing to do with their “cult.”
    One more comment: Jesus did respect private property. He did go to the temple and drove out the moneychangers, but – it was His temple! The temple was built to worship him and His Father. Not only were the merchants selling in the temple, which was prohibited, but they were also selling at an inflated price, and giving a kickback to the priests. You will find this in Desire of Ages:
    There is a spanish translation somewhere, but you are fluent in english, so…

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