Who is John Galton?

The view photos were both taken by John, the fireworks one with the drone and the sunset with his camera.

Note: This Post was Partially inspired by the badly written obituary for John I came across today, and partially inspired by a need to explain the man that I will reference probably for a long time.

John Galton was in many ways a recreation of the man that was born Shane Cress. Anyone that knew him knew that he was an incredibly critical complex human being. Having him in your life could be difficult but it was always worth it.

We had our ups and downs in our relationship but I stuck around partially to see what he would accomplish because I knew not only did he have big dreams but
the ability to make them a reality. Sadly, his time was cut short due to the lies of someone he made the mistake of trusting but I’ll share more on that later.

First and foremost John was a lover of everything from women to cannabis. He was incredibly confident and passionate which was honestly startling to me as someone who is extremely awkward. He taught me about love and about life. What’s worth living for and what’s worth dying for. At the end of the day he ran out to face a threat leaving me inside, he died for me.

I bounce back and forth between partner and husband but in reality he was both.
Neither of us believed in state marriage and we didn’t necessarily need a ceremony to commit ourselves, in many ways we did that when we went on the run to Mexico together. He’s seen me at my worst and
almost at my best, as I feel I’m starting to improve day by day both physically and emotionally.

He was both life’s greatest gift and it’s greatest challenge. I learned so much from
him that it was hard to keep it all straight while it was happening. Only now that he is gone have I had the time to sift through old
memories to find the lessons, which were constant. He was only 27 years old but had an incredible amount of wisdom partially thanks to the internet and his innate natural willpower for learning.

He taught me about agorism, libertarianism and what it really meant to live in anarchy. We lived off grid and farmed stolen government land together, took over an abandoned house in Detroit and eventually went on the run for
cannabis crimes to Mexico.

We raised dogs, cats, puppies and more together in our many years but didn’t have a chance to raise children. We not only made it here when everyone expected is to fail but we found a way to thrive in Acapulco for three years before our dream of a life was cut short, tragically. Still, he managed to live more than people live in 50 years in his short 27.

He was a cannabis enthusiast and grower and actually did three months in prison for
cultivation charges he was never even convicted of before we ever even met. This didn’t sway his love for cannabis and when I met him he was already growing again, albeit he’d just gotten started again. He eventually learned about hashmaking starting with water hash but settling on a self made artisan dab making process that no one I’ve talked to seems to know about. He taught me everything he could both about making oil and growing the plant itself.

He had an enthusiasm for permaculture and renewable energy. He used to watch hours and hours of Youtube presentations on Thorium reactors, Space travel, and
solar power. He designed and built the off grid power wall we had until the cops stole it after he died.

He was a photographer who loved sunsets so much I can’t even bring myself to
watch them because all I can hear is the click of his camera when he’d run out ever 5-7 minutes to take photos of them. He’d take hundreds a night as the sky shifted and changed from blue to red to
black. If you’ve followed our Acapulco Sunset posts on Steemit, know that the majority of those were taken by John. He was also a budding drone pilot, its a shame the cops have everything including
the hard drives with the footage he hadn’t posted.

He was loved internationally for his bravery, and locally for his respect for
Mexican culture. He was basically a tour guide for Acapulco as he knew where most important things in the city were by the end of his life. We together helped many people find their homes in Acapulco and have seen houses in every neighborhood in the city, nearly. I’ve been hugged by people all over the city, crying because they miss

Bitcoin lit a fire under his ass in early 2012 and he got involved and bought his first
coins at 9 dollars a coin. In many ways, cryptocurrency was one of his favorite things going on. He loved watching markets and could predict market outcomes better than anyone I’ve ever known. He was a cryptocurrency enthusiast till the end.

The term highly functional was coined by him and in my opinion at least for me he coined the concept. He shattered the lazy unmotivated stoner stereotype and taught me it’s perfectly okay to love cannabis on a constant basis so long as you remain happy and productive. His love for cannabis despite the state reminded me there was nothing wrong with that love, other than the state seemed to be jealous of it. If there’s a female he loved more than me, it’s a female cannabis plant. For the record, I could never bring myself to be jealous of that cause that love went deeper for him and for me.

Thank You Judd Weiss for capturing the essence and passion of John.

John Galton is more than a man, in many ways he’s a modern John Galt which anyone that’s read that novel understands John Galt is more of a concept and less of a man. He was honest, critical but loving. He didn’t criticize people he didn’t care about and he did it because he always saw better in people. He taught me how to stand up for myself, how to practice civil disobedience to live my life in spite of the
state. And above all he encouraged me to be me despite what others said I “should” do.

He was a lot of things but what he shouldn’t be is dead. Can’t change reality, though.

Stay tuned as I have been compiling old Steemit posts and writing the gaps for a book about our lives. Rest in Peace baby, I miss you. You’ve lit a fire
under my ass to finally start living.