The Dream World And The Spirit of Man: Fobos

Fobos means “fear”, it’s a Greek word, the Greek name for a God. It was a son of Ares and Aphrodite, the gods of war and lust in Greek mythology.

It is a suitable name for a project that strives to deal with controversial topics such as politics, religion and morality.

This is the name of a new project I’m eager to initiate. It’s just an experiment on thought.

Certainly the spirit of our times has inclined humanity towards sectarianism and tribalism, and we have failed to understand each other, even less ourselves.

I only want to share a vision from a very individual standpoint.

I hope you will be able to see things as I do. Perhaps we will be able to share a common path and find out that we have more in common than what we think.

And I will begin by addressing a common topic among the alternative culture, the notion of anarchy and the value of freedom.

Since I have been able to read the environment around me, my spirit has always strived towards the anarchist persuasion, but I have never considered myself inherently an “anarchist”, and here are the reasons for it.

Anarchy itself doesn’t mean a world without rulers, necessarily, but a world without government, or, more concisely, a world without principle.

It stems from the Greek “anarkhos”, “an”, “without” and “arkhos”, “ruler, leader”. But “arkhos” itself derives from the noun “archon” or “Arkhein”, which means “beginning” or “principle”.

So, I live by the principles of truth, even if such principles are based on standards of my own. Even if such set of values were created through personal standards in the solitude of my individuality.

A world without principles is just not reality. And in the human world, there simply cannot be any sort of institution going on without a social order.

But who establishes such orders? Leaders or groups? The individual or the collective? Aren’t we all just politicians? What makes us so inherently political?

These are the questions that will comprise the project. And if you are eager to follow this path you are very welcome to try.

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