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Finding Love After Loss: How I Got Shot by Cupid

Finding Love After Loss When John Galton was murdered, I felt truly alone for the first time in my life. It was mostly terrifying with some thrilling aspects that kept me barely motivated enough to keep going. Before his death he was the only person on this Earth who truly understood what it is to…

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Hustling: How I Survive in Mexico

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been recently, much of my attention has been devoted to the hustle and living my life. Many people ask me how I survive down here and honestly it isn’t easy with the roadblocks I have like having no legal identity. That means no bank account or tax information which…

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Long Lost: A Tale of Reunion

Most of the family I felt closest to in my childhood wasn’t family at all but more technically (genetically speaking anyway) family friends, specifically the children of family friends. My Mom was big on the idea of building your own family and while I can’t say she was good at choosing all the time I…

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