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If there’s one thing that has literally kept me going since the murder of John Galton, it is the support of my friends and family. This support includes everything from financial support to emotional support. To those who have supported me, thank you.

As much as I hate to admit it, things are still rough for me financially speaking and honestly otherwise. It’s been 5 months but financially speaking I am only able to cover my rent and some of my food costs, the rest has basically been hustled for or donated. I am dealing with the murder emotionally well enough but am admittedly emotionally exhausted as well.

I’m coming now again for help, for those who reach out on a regular basis and say they wish they could help me. At this point what I crave most is independence. Due to the fact that the police stole everything from me from my dogs to my vehicles to the tools I need to work, I am forced to start over with nothing.

Thank you for the donations from the many generous people and a few very generous ones, I’ve been making a lot of progress towards rebuilding but am honestly currently falling short when it comes to gaining my financial independence.

So I ask for help, if I’ve ever inspired you or even made you think consider contributing to my journey. Every little bit helps, even if you can only do something like give 5 dollars a month or hire me for freelance work.

What I Need

Glassblowing Studio:

Glassblowing in Mexico is likely my best chance at success doing something I love.  I have almost everything to get started and even have customers both within Mexico and internationally on standby to buy the glass once I start producing again. The eventual goal is to expand and teach Mexicans.

Thanks to a generous but private donor I have the glassblowing tools shown but still have to finish the glassblowing studio. If you want me to start making and selling pipes, please consider contributing!



Table/Finishing touches for the bench

Ventilation Setup (No one likes cancer)



Gas Tanks

All of this I can get within Mexico, I just need to raise the money to finish this.

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Other Needs:

Medical Care: Anyone who follows me knows I have long withstanding health issues I deal with. These have been somewhat compounded by the stress from the murder as far as both my mental and physical health are concerned.

Legal Help: I am still on the run in the United States and in a somewhat limited situation in Mexico and am also raising money to handle that. I am also looking for a lawyer interested in taking on this difficult case so if you are one or know of one, please contact me!



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How to Help (or Hire)

To Donate:




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