Mexico City Madness: A Quick Trip to Mexico’s Capital

*Featured Image Taken by a friend at a hilltop castle in Mexico City*

Over the last 5 months I've been gathering my adventures as I move around Mexico to determine a new home base. I made a pit stop in Mexico City although it was just passing through as if there's one thing I'd have to pay me a lot to live there. It's nice to visit, I would absolutely hate to live there.

I went in my first subway in Mexico City. I didn't know how to describe it other than insane as I nearly got stuck on the train due to a frenzy of people getting off and on without waiting for each other. I described it to Thaddeus and he said his friend called it a "mosh pit". Fucking perfect explanation.

When I got there I was nothing short of starving and ended up at an argentenian restaurant. They brought out this tray of meat for me to look at. While I was an American couple walked by and asked "Are you vegetarian?"

"Nope, Carnivore" I responded and laughed as they walked away confused. Some things don't change.

A park in the city. One of my favorite things about the city is the plants, trees and such. There are some similar to Acapulco but lots of pine trees, date trees and other things you don't really see much in Acapulco because of the heat and humidity.

This is a photo of the castle. Apparently the story behind this is the president used to live there kind of like the white house but way cooler cause its in the middle of Mexico City on top of a hill with the best view in the whole area. It stopped being used as president's house when a socialist president took control and it was then turned into a museum.

It was massive and honestly my dream home. I've always had a soft spot for castles, especially those with a view.

With a view like that, who could refuse it? Lets just say the guy who scorned living in here is not my favorite person in Mexican history.

Probably the best view spot because you can see directly down the main avenue in Mexico City which is now extremely developed and exploding in growth. There's several skyscrapers in the process.

One thing I really do like about the city is the use of the space under the underpasses. Often there are parks and businesses under the ramps leading to an interesting multilevel experience that is unique to Mexico City.

My time in Mexico City was much more enjoyable this time than the stressful rushed version @dready-john-galt and I went on about a year ago for chickens. I'll share the list of the posts relating to my last adventure in Mexico city, below.

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