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When decided move to Acapulco over 3 years ago we always intended on telling our on the run story, mainly to help inspire others to get out before it was too late.

When Steemit came out we prioritized it because we were able to pay much of our bills and sometimes all of them just telling the world our story.  Many people have questioned why we did this, at the end of the day when the murder happened I had a whole support network I didn't even know about because we had the guts to tell our story.  Here is the complete list of everything I've shared so far on our story from arrest to crossing the border into Mexico.   All of this is being compiled into a book along with the memories I still have in my head but not written down.

The Border Crossing

On the Run

The Dirty D: Life in the Hood of Detroit Michigan

Trainwreck Almost: That Time We Almost Lost Everything in the Mexican Desert

The Break: How I Shattered My Jaw on my Birthday

The Return to the Dirty D: After the Arrest

The Renegade Adventures: Buying Weed with the Hoods Scariest Pit Bull

Love at First Smoke-Out: Meeting John

Menstruation and Incarceration

Why I'm On The Run: Facing 25 Years for Cannabis Oil Exraction

How to Live Free in Detroit Michigan

Sleeping on Salt Flats and Driving in the Ocean

Trimming Trees in the Dirty D: Supporting Ourselves on the Cannabis Industry

Lucid Dreaming Lucid Living

On the Run and On Acid, Part 1: Abandoned House Deep in Oregon Forest

On the Run and On Acid, Part 2: Dirty Train Kids and Belly Destroying Twins

Doing Dirty Time in the Dirty South: Intro to John's Stint in Prison

The Difficulty of Sharing a Difficult Story, and Why It's Worth It

What To Pack When Going On The Run, Or Just Leaving Your Home Country

On the Run and On the Move, Part 1: Leaving Detroit With Expired License Plate

On the Run And On The Move, Part 2 Renegades, Creepy Dirt Roads and Being Stranded in Oregon

On the Run and On the Move, Part 3: Sketchy Dirt Roads and Abandoned in Oregon

Stranded in Oregon, Part 1: Crash Land into an Anarchist Commune

Stranded in Oregon, Part 2: Smoke Out with the Hippies

Stranded in Oregon, Part 3: West Coast v. East Coast

Stranded in Oregon, Part 4: Trim Job and Stoned Dogs

Stranded in Oregon Part 5: East Coast v West Coast Expanded

Blue Dream Dab Job Part 1

Blue Dream Dab Job, Part 2: Making Something Out of Nothing

Blue Dream Dab Job, Part 3: Sheep Shed Dab Lab

Blue Dream Dab Job Part 4L Broken Heat Gun, Hostile Households and Ganja Cookies

Blue Dream Dab Job Part 5: Out of Work and Out of Patience

Mountain Sting: Stepping on a Hornets Nest Climbing Mountains on the Run in Oregon

Trucking in Oregon: Weed Traded for Truck

Stranded in Oregon Part 4: Hitching a Ride From Our Tweaker Neighbors

Celebrating Anniversaries of Love and Freedom

Stranded in Oregon Part 5: Illegal Firewood Harvesting and Blown Engines

Border or Bust, Part 1: Tweaker Freakouts and the Limping Sprint to Grants Pass

Border or Bust Part 2: Crack Spaning and the Nicest Taco Bell Employee Ever

Border or Bust Part 3: Getting Rid of the Old for the Yellow Submarine

Border or Bust Part 4: Buying the Yellow Submarine From an Ex Cop

Border or Bust, Part5: Spanger Danger in Redding California

Border or Bust, Part 6: The Long Lost Blimpie and the Parking Lot Hippies

Border Or Bust, Part 7: Blurry Bakersfield and Moving Southward to San Diego

Border or Bust Part 8: Auntie Tia and the Tecate Prophecy

On the Run Flashbacks: Stranded in Oregon and the Struggle to Escape

On the Run Flashbacks Simple Link List

On the Run Flashbacks: Old Link List and Why We're Running

On the Run Adventures: Flashback to Being Arrested While on the Run in Detroit