Hustling: How I Survive in Mexico

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been recently, much of my attention has been devoted to the hustle and living my life. Many people ask me how I survive down here and honestly it isn’t easy with the roadblocks I have like having no legal identity. That means no bank account or tax information which makes freelancing online an utter bitch, at best.

Luckily over the last 3 years I’ve built up a network of people worldwide, many of which who freelance. Since I’ve been actively looking for work I’ve received good advice as well as a few jobs which are serving to help me cover my costs.

But hustling isn’t just about making money, it’s about cutting costs. I decided I was paying too much to live where I do (currently 5500 pesos or 275 USD for a one bedroom apartment with a view). I’ve found the perfect place for 1700 pesos, which will make living off my tiny budget much easier.

Soon I’ll be paying more for food than rent and that’s appealing. I still consume an all meat, now all beef diet and I eat about a kilo a day at this point. That’s like 2800 pesos for my food total, high quality locally grown Mexican beef.

So while I haven’t been sharing much about it recently mostly due to vigilance as far as my privacy is concerned, I’m still living the hustle lifestyle working online for mostly cryptocurrency in all sorts of ways from making custom quilts to the work I do for SmartCash.

I’m always looking for new hustles, new ways to make money because I don’t like having to depend on one thing. If you or someone you know is hiring for freelance work, contact me. If you’re someone looking to get into freelance work, contact me and I’ll share the resources I have with you that I can’t use because I’m an outlaw.

To those who have supported me all along with either donations, jobs or both, thank you.