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Photo Caption: Taken by John Galton

Not every glassblower can say they’ve recorded their entire career so far on the block chain.


Actually, I don’t know of any others who have and it’s not even something I really realized I was doing at the time. All I was doing was posting my adventures on Steemit and now that I look back after over two years of posting a can see a pretty clear picture of my progress and where I had successes and triumphs!

Glassblowing is hands down one of the most difficult but rewarding things you can spend your time doing. Something my glassblowing teacher taught me when I first got on the torch was to remember that it was going to be a long time before my work ended up how I expected it in the beginning and I can say hes true on that. If there’s something thing working with hot glass has taught me, it’s persistence as well as patience. Bad days happen in glassblowing, sometimes its good to recognize when you’ve only yielded burns and broken glass.

What follows is every post I’ve ever shared on glassblowing from Steemit:

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