Fobos by Cabra Cuerno

Why I Am Not a Commie?

First of all, when I hear the word “communism” being uttered by the mouths of conservative saxon conspiracy theorists I feel like we relive the Cold War and its proxies like Vietnam. “Communism” for them means Stalin, totalitarianism. Because for them, obviously, capitalism is all about freedom and dignity. “Communism”, in their mindset, can only

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Sobre la Sabiduría

Qué es la sabiduría? No es un poder? Mucho se ha hablado sobre el mundo y las cosas en general, quizá desde los albores del lenguaje. Tan sólo en la creación de signos está la necesidad de la capacidad reflexiva. La tecnología ha derivado de esta apropiación de las cosas, el arte, la ciencia. Hemos

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About Wisdom

What is wisdom? Is it not a power? Much has been spoken of the world and from things in general, perhaps since the dawn of language. Just in the creation of signs there is this need for a reflective capacity. Technology has derived from this appropriation of things, art, science. We have made language complex

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Fobos: El Espíritu Humano

Fobos significa “miedo”, es una palabra de origen griego, el nombre de un Dios. Hijo de Ares y de Afrodita, los dioses de la guerra y la lujuria en la mitología griega. Es un nombre propicio para un proyecto que estriba hacia temas controversiales como la política, la religion y la moral. Este es el

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The Concept of Anarchy

Politics can be defined as the affairs of governance, which comprises government and religion above all. However politics can be understood in a broader sense as the defining aspect of man, as the Greeks used to say, the human endeavor to negotiate or interact with its neighbors peacefully or violently. The realm of nature shows

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The Dream World And The Spirit of Man: Fobos

Fobos means “fear”, it’s a Greek word, the Greek name for a God. It was a son of Ares and Aphrodite, the gods of war and lust in Greek mythology. It is a suitable name for a project that strives to deal with controversial topics such as politics, religion and morality. This is the name

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