Enter Renegade

After 6 months dogless, I have a puppy. He’s a mix of a few different mountain dog breeds and will be a large fluffy white bear of a dog when he’s bigger.

His name? Renegade.


I’ve always been an animal person. My whole childhood I asked for pets from my very own dog to rabbits to guinea pigs, I wanted them all and I got basically none of them save for a few cats. I had some direct interaction with a black lab and a miniature pinscher when I was young but beyond that didn’t have a dog to call my own until after I met John.

We took in a blue nosed pit bull by the name of Smokie and gave her the best last year and a half that we could, before she eventually died suddenly due to what was likely a bad anti-nausea drug. Then we got a puppy named Apollo, which we had when we were arrested. That puppy was sold by a woman who I’d slap today if I saw her. She made me stay in jail a day longer so she could make 400 USD off a mutt from Detroit.

That puppy was the baby of a dog named Renegade, a supposedly aggressive pit bull in Detroit that adopted John and I once he realized we knew better. He was a true alpha and literally wouldn’t take no for an answer but was honestly one of the sweetest dogs you’d ever know. I tried to buy him from the owners who didn’t really even like him before we left, but they refused and we had to leave him in Detroit.

Photo Caption: Me and Rebel Just Before the Murder

Then came Rebel Dog, 3 years ago in Oregon the wolf, husky pit bull mix of a dog. I tried to name him Renegade, but he liked Rebel Dog better so it stuck. He was neurotic as fuck but fierce and loving. I raised him from 12 weeks on to when I lost him, which is when the police stole him in February after the murder.

Photo Caption: Tequila the Chair Obsessed Pit Bull

Tequila came into the picture after Mexico, when we rescued her after she was run over by a Volkswagen Beetle. We thought we were giving her one good night before she died, she never left. I lost her too, also stolen by the police.

As you can tell I’ve loved lots of dogs and lost them too for all sorts of reasons. I have spent the last 6 months getting on my feet so I can get a new dog the right way, and I’ve finally gotten there. From the source of the puppy to his demeanor, everything fell into place perfectly and naturally for him. As I type, he lays at my feet sleeping having just run around a bunch for the photos in this post.

I was lucky enough to spend a week getting to know Renegade, his siblings as well as his Mom. The family who has bred these dogs is incredible and it was great to witness the care they put into these puppies. There are a lot of bad puppy breeding operations in the world but this is not one of them. Getting to know Renegade before taking him has helped during the last 2 days of him being home.

My efforts are focused at training him, basically getting him used to going to the bathroom outside and little tricks. Compared to Rebel, he’s extremely well behaved. Doesn’t really beg for food, tries to go outside to potty even when he can’t. The best part is I can leave to a store if I need to without worrying. Rebel used to howl when we left, Renegade just naps through it.

So I’m on the adventure of raising a dog again, this one completely different in all the right ways. He’s my constant companion now, so get used to that patchwork face because if you continue to follow me you’ll be seeing it a lot.

Here’s to Renegade!


And a special thanks to the special person who gave him to me, the family who bred him and the best friend who drove us home after I got him.