To Cannabis and Remaining Highly Functional

By lilydavine | April 19, 2019

In so many ways cannabis has shaped my life since the beginning. Photo Credit: John Galton, taken of me with Rebel Dog at our Dream House Before Everything Fell Apart My parents met because of cannabis, as my mom was selling and my Dad was an avid consumer. I was born at 4:35 AM, which…

Reflections on a Young Life Lived to Its Fullest

By lilydavine | April 14, 2019

Big Picture, Big Dreams You would think….with everything that I’ve lost that I would regret more of my decisions. In reality I can see very clearly where things went wrong on February 1st. One of the things that has given both me and John’s family comfort is that we lived our lives by our own…

Entering Acapulco: Start of a Love Affair

By lilydavine | April 13, 2019

I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on what’s happened recently but not enough with the good memories and its made it honestly pretty hard to post partially just because I’m tired of being so damn depressing all the time. What follows is a love story, what marked the beginning of our love affair with…

Thank You So Much! A Letter To Those Who Have Been There

By lilydavine | April 7, 2019

It’s easy to dwell on what has been lost since John died because nearly everything I cared about is gone. I’m rebuilding and while there’s beauty in it I’m not sure I can say what I’ve gained has been worth the cost. I think its worth taking the time to say thank you, because honestly…

Ellipal 2.O: Noobs Review of the Stunning Hardware Wallet

By lilydavine | April 2, 2019

Now for as long as I’ve been involved with crypto-currency I haven’t yet owned a hardware wallet, until now that is. I recently got the Ellipal 2.0 Hardware Wallet and had it customized with the SmartCash logo to celebrate the fact that they’re integrating SmartCash support. Looking forward to that but they already support the…

What’s With the Bird? Chachalacas Explained

By lilydavine | March 27, 2019

Photo of Chachalaca lifted from Google Images I’m not sure what I expected to find when I moved to Acapulco but Chachalacas were not one of them. Chachalacas are birds basically named after the sounds they make although I will say even that isn’t quite accurate. It’s an incredible thing to behold, especially in Acapulco.…

Why I Like SmartCash

By lilydavine | March 26, 2019

My interest in crypto-currency began in 2012, when John first told me about Bitcoin. I didn’t really understand it until nearly a year later when I purchased my first Bitcoin at 35 dollars a coin, if I remember correctly I bout 4.5 coins with the leftovers of my tax return. John had already been in…

Who is John Galton?

By lilydavine | March 26, 2019

The view photos were both taken by John, the fireworks one with the drone and the sunset with his camera. Note: This Post was Partially inspired by the badly written obituary for John I came across today, and partially inspired by a need to explain the man that I will reference probably for a long…

Lily Da Vine On Unregistered Podcast with Thaddeus Russell

By lilydavine | March 21, 2019

My story behind the podcast with Thaddeus Russell about my life with John and the murder and much more.

Dammit, You Were Right

By lilydavine | March 21, 2019