Anarchapulco 2020: See You There

I have big news.

I’ve agreed to speak at Anarchapulco this year, likely both on the main stage about my life and the health and wellness about the Carnivore diet.

This comes with a lot of thought on my part, considering I lost everything I cared about when John Galton was murdered last year just before Anarchapulco 2019. We were hosting our own complimentary event, Anarchaforko in the main bay at Hotel Copacabana afterwards. We were both in love with Acapulco from the first sight but the place felt less like home without him, and a bit scary for reasons related mostly to government.

When February came everything changed and I went into hiding and pretty much have remained as such as I sort out my legal situation. I’ve moved out of Acapulco and since moved again a few times while looking for a place I like for a price I like. I knew when I left Acapulco I would be back, but I can’t say I expected to be involved with Anarchapulco this year until they approached me about it. Where I am now might be paradise, but I’m keeping it to myself. So in February, I’ll come to Acapulco and speak and mingle with those I miss from all over the world.

I’ve decided to take the risk (and there are some risks to it) to come and speak honestly largely so I can see people. There are friends who I don’t see but once a year and the idea of not seeing my anfam causes me pain. It will also be a good chance to see what I consider my family of locals in Acapulco, including the man I call my “Mexican Dad”, someone who is literally a friend till death.

I intend to be selling things, hopefully glass if I can get started soon (looking for funding) but crafts and things of all kinds.

If you have requests of stuff I make or stuff sold here that you want easy access to, let me know. Lots of beautiful crafts in the area around me everything from Mexican textiles to glass and all sorts of food products. Soon I’ll post more about this but I’ll be taking orders for quilts for crypto, with voluntaryist flag theme option!

To those who have supported me even just by reading, thank you. See you in February! And if you haven’t purchased your Anarchapulco ticket yet, please use this link below and save yourself 10 percent while I make 10 percent for the sale!