Acapulco Adventures: La Roqueta Island Adventure

I lived in Acapulco for three years nearly as a local but never experienced some of the special things Aca has to offer, like the island La Roqueta.


It's pretty much empty save for a few restaurants, market and a military base.  It costs 70 pesos to get there by glass bottomed boat, which takes you back at the end of the day around 5pm.


This BatBoat was spotted by the island. Perhaps Batman made a tropical visit that day too! That or Mexicans have the best sense of humor ever.


This adventure happened months ago, just after the end of the Anarchapulco conference.  I was starting to come out of hiding mainly for specific people and specific things like this island day.


Part of the point was to send Macey Tomlin off on her adventures.  She and I weren't necessarily close before the murder but we found some common ground and put simply, I have a lot of respect for her and wish her well.


This trip was just as much made by the surroundings as it was the people who went.  It was a fun bunch and we went all over that island. It was exactly what I needed.

If this doesn't give the general vibe of the day I don't know what does.  Things like this kept me sane after the murder. Not that I wasn't on edge, on this particular venture I could tell at the beach I was recognized.  Locals even asked my friend to confirm who I was, but they sent condolences.


By the way the smiling dude on the far left deserves a shoutout, someone I refer to as my "gringo dad" has been there for me in huge ways since this happened. He's family, always will be.


Putting it simply most of my time in Acapulco was in hiding save for when I'd take a risk and go out with friends on an adventure like this.  I saved these photos till I left to share. It's interesting how I used to share everything as it happened, now I only do as I feel "safe" to do so.

Funny how life changes.