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This is Lily signing in to share the exciting rebirth of Highly Functional Growth. This project has always been intended as a project of not just growth but collaboration. Originally I used this as a means to blog my heart out in the aftermath of the murder of John Galton. But as my life started to take a turn towards happiness and love, I started to dream up a new vision for this website, one of growth and collaboration.

There’s a lot of talk in the world about what’s going wrong but not nearly enough about the solutions people put into place to actually change their lives for the better. My life for the last 10 years has been committed to trying to live free in an unfree world as an agorist and while I’ve faced some consequences for that, I’ve gained even more positive out of it, mostly in the form of skills and collaborations. Many know me because of my shared experiences on Steemit.com where I posted for years as @lily-da-vine.

For those who aren’t familiar with agorism:

Agorism: a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in those years sharing on Steemit, it was that we can change the most minds and hearts simply by being brutally honest about our adventures, struggles and triumphs! I learned to be vulnerable on Steemit and I found that I am not alone in my craving of a simpler, freer life. Many people crave true freedom but most don’t even know where to begin! (Myself included, 10 years ago before I found agorism)

Do you dream of a lifestyle where you can do what you want, when you want?

Do you even have a mental idea of what that looks like? I sure didn’t when I started in this lifestyle. The one thing I craved as I went through the early stages of my personal growth was someone to relate to. Someone who had been through the struggles I was facing and had found solutions. Much of the writing I found on agorism wasn’t adapted to the modern era. For many years it felt like I was groping in the dark.

But with the rise of the internet much of that has changed and we are now realizing that we are not alone. The human desire for freedom is nearly universal and we all have the capacity to pursue it, if we want. And beyond that we are now at a point where we can learn virtually anything we want from the internet, which only adds to the excitement as far as I’m concerned.

So what’s the point of this blog?

Hopefully a source of inspiration for those pursuing freedom within their lives. An example of just one way to live a freedom oriented agorist lifestyle. I don’t claim to have all the answers for everyone, but I am doing my best to do what’s best for me and how I work. This whole process should be about embracing your true nature, whatever that looks like for you.

For me? It looks like many small freelancing jobs working only for people I like and respect. It means I make enough to support myself and some extra, with plenty of time to pursue my hobbies and interests. For you? Well, that’s up to you!

What to expect from Highly Functional Growth?


-agorism talk (technically philosophy)

-craft tutorials (crochet, sewing, dreamcatchers)


-personal life stories

-travel blog/vlog featuring Mexico only (at least for now!)

-DIY tutorials and adventures

and likely much more.


Who is Highly Functional Growth?


Lily Forester (Founder, Writer, Editor)

Born into the home of hippies, to say I’ve lived an extraordinary life is an understatement. Taxation is theft and agorism both were themes of my childhood. With a healthy mistrust for the government, I pursued an agorist lifestyle in college after determining that I didn’t only want to do one thing for the rest of my life. For years I focused on developing skills like homesteading, glassblowing, writing, and crafting.

I freelance for money to support my alternative lifestyle here in Mexico, working entirely for and with agorists for crypto currency. I write for The Homestead Guru and Agorist Nexus blog. I also edit writing, podcasts, do transcriptions and pretty much any job thrown my way.

Cabra Cuerno


Cabra Cuerno was born into a family of artists and has developed his skills through direct parent tutelage and self learning. He has professional experience in performative arts since 2009 in the areas of dance, ritual theater, and ambient music. He has writing skills in the areas of anthropology, philosophy, history, fiction, martial arts and religion. Has worked in the workshops of Abraham Oceransky with rite theater and has led theater workshops in rural and urban Mexico. He is skilled in archery, japanese martial arts and middle eastern music.


Together we are Highly Functional Growth, a team dedicated to sharing the knowledge I wish I had at my disposal when I first started on this life path.

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