1 Year Carnivore: Before and After

A year ago I embarked on the carnivore experiment which has now turned into my carnivore lifestyle.

Pretty much everything in my life has changed, much of it bad but also quite a bit of good. While I lost most of what I worked for these last three years I gained my health and that’s no small feat. The success I have had with the carnivore diet have made this year both the best and worst (because of the murder) year of my life. It leaves me looking forward to seeing what the next year will be like.

I went carnivore for the following reasons:

issues with blood sugar

carb cravings

sugar cravings

depression/suicidal thoughts (related to my failing body)

symptoms of early onset Parkinsons disease

symptoms of early heart failure (all of them including sweating while sleeping even when it was colder)

digestive issues, constantly

skin problems

chronic pain and inflammation

The only remaining issue after a year of experimentation with this way of eating that I am left with is some slight acne which is fading by the day. 3.5 months ago I recommitted to the diet totally basically having eaten only beef these last few months. If there’s one thing I wish I would have done differently, it was commit from the beginning to only beef. I think I would have been a lot healthier and happier sooner.

All considered, despite everything I’ve lost, my life is good and improving and a lot of it has to do with the diet. I’ll keep eating like this until my body tells me to stop, which honestly doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.


The following photos are me before from right before I went carnivore, keep in mind they have been edited by the amazing Judd Weiss already: